Wednesday, August 04, 2004


having been drawn out of oneself.

I stepped outside on this balmy evening to pee and check for any evidence of the squall line that is supposed to be creeping down this way from Kentucky. I looked up, and the sky was aflame, filled with brilliant flashing points of light. Twinkling lanterns were shimmering from horizon to horizon, from the meadows to the treetops and above.

Lightning bugs. We have them every evening from April to October, but tonight for some reason they were out in droves and flying high. And I didn't even care what that reason was.

Once the biting critters found me I was brought back into myself, and dragged that self back into the house. But for that moment my documenting analyzing natural historian forgot entirely to try to figure out why, just focusing on wow. The why was obvious.

It was magic.


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