Friday, April 29, 2005

Maybe birders have more sense than we're given credit for

So everyone has been expecting a mad rush of birders to try to track down Arkansas' Ivorybill. But, checking the news reports, it doesn't seem that this is actually happening. Instead, what I have seen inklings of might be the beginning of a new and much more positive wave. Now it seems that the quest for an Ivorybill, until two days ago considered to be on par with a quest for Bigfoot, has suddenly been legitimized. I see hints that birders throughout the former range of the species might be getting the idea they they should go search diligently and exhaustively through their OWN bottomland forests in their own States and Counties. Instead of being fools, we'd now be the eyes and ears of a movement to determine if that one bird in Arkansas is a sad, sorry, final survivor; or the herald of a resurrection, a sign that the species has not only survived but might even be starting to increase.

So maybe we binocular-toting hoardes ain't so dumb after all.


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