Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Many surprises here.


This is a massive area of well-interconnected bottomland forests that rivals the Big Woods in size, and about which I have heard nothing. The swamps are extensive, wide, and seem to contain significant areas of mature-looking forests. It really looks like the Big Woods all over again but with less public land. I would dearly love to hear comment from anyone who has actually been here! Specific areas, all of which are interconnected, producing one huge swamp:

1. Little River from below I-30 to Ouachita confluence.

2. Ouachita River from Dallas County south to LA border -- huge area.

3. Moro River over nearly its entire length, especially below Ivan.

4. Saline River from around Highway 9 (above I-30) to Ouachita confluence -- another huge area.

5. Hurricane Creek from below Sardis to Saline confluence -- relatively narrow but continuous.

6. Big Creek (Cleveland County) from Saline upstream 10 or 20 miles.

7. Hudgin Creek below about highway 114 to Saline confluence -- also relatively narrow.


Now well-known, but larger than most are aware. The following areas are all contiguous:

8. Lowermost Arkansas River below highway 165 to the Mississippi. Above this the forest is heavily fragmented. Rather extensive forests continue on the Mississippi floodplain south to Lake Whittington.

9. White River from below highway 64 (White County) to the Arkansas confluence. Most extensive from the Cache River south, but well developed north of there too. Very wide in the White River NWR area.

10. Cache River from Grays to White confluence. Most extensive in Dagmar WMA area.

11. Bayou de View from central Woodruff County to Cache confluence. Relatively narrow above Dagmar but continues 10-15 miles above the highway 17 bridge.


Not interconnected with each other or the two big swamps described above --

12. Black River in Clay County, continuing northwards into Missouri ten miles or more. Rather large area, but isolated.

13. St. Francis River from near Kennett MO to near Marked Tree AR (Poinsett County). Narrow but well-developed, incuded 20 miles or more along the AR/MO border.

Smaller isolated patches are on the Little River in Mississippi County, and in the St. Francis National Forest. The Mississippi mainstem floodplain forests are highly fragmented.


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