Friday, July 07, 2006

Home-based birding project

A little task I have set for myself, since i started putting data into e-bird...

On those little bar-graph seasonal lists that it will generate for you, it requires a minimum of 5 data points per week to produce a bar of variable thickness indicating abundace. With fewer data, you just get a little green dash to indicate "presence." So, my task for the next year:

Try to get 5 lists from my homestead each week, so I can get a full year's bar graph for it. Plus, I want to have at least one of these lists each week be an actual mini-birdcount rather than just the presence/absence list of everything I found in the course of the day while going about my farming chores or sitting on the front porch.

Since late April I'm doing pretty well. Go to e-bird ( and pull up the bar graph for Lewis County, Tennessee. Almost all of that data is mine.


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