Friday, August 04, 2006

Meanwhile, back in the holler...

What a quiet time of year. The birds are out there, but we're into the season where it takes pishing and perseverence to find most of them. The passerines are moving around, but so far I haven't seen any signs that they are moving any long distances. Just post-breeding dispersal; I haven't yet seen anything but a few shorebirds that isn't a breeder within a county or two's distance from here. Nearby NEXRAD isn't showing consistent against-the-wind nightime movement of anything yet either.

Purple Martin roosts have been impressive on the radar in the morning in recent weeks, though. For a while we had birds from the huge Wheeler roost (northern Alabama) arriving here every morning around 7:30, with a few dozen sticking around to ornament the dead trees and flycatch over the pond all day. The haven't shown up in recent days, though, and the radar images are suggesting that the roost is thinning out, too.


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