Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A p.s. about all the video stuff

My goal here is to create a frame-by-frame animation of all of the 60 or 70 or so fields of the Luneau video that show the Mystery Bird with any sort of resolution of color and shape. I want to be able to use reasonable, consistent dynamics on the wings, hence these preambles and sketches of idealized birds in level flight. I then want to see if the bird can actually be matched in every frame, frame-by-frame, with either a Pileated or an Ivorybill, or if in fact BOTH species can be made to match with small aerodynamically, anatomically, geometrically, and behaviorally realistic and consistent tweaks to the interpretation. Not gonna happen tomorrow, but I'll work along at it and post updates as I go.

The general impression in the mass mind is that this video has already been argued to death. True, it has been ARGUED extensively, and single frames have been analyzed intensely. But overall, as a MOVIE, not just as selected stills, it has not been thoroughly examined with the individual frames in the context of all the others frames, as an integrated sequence. It should have been, long ago, but no such analysis has been published either in the literature or the blogosphere that I have ever seen. And I got tired of waiting for it So, this longhair backwoods chicken farmer is taking a crack at it.


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