Monday, September 25, 2006

First impressions...

..of the Florida Ivorybill reports that leaked this morning and have been officially released already here:

Y'all are tripping if you think those are ordinary sounds made by common swamp denizens, especially considering that they got a rap or a kent about every 30-40 hours on average. You can spend a HELL of a lot longer than 40 hours in the company of all the ordinary critters (and tree squeeks, etc.) of the swamps and never hear anything like that. I've spent thousands of hours in their good company and never heard those kenty noises.

Y'all are tripping if you think Tyler Hicks' sighting is just a Pileated and a lot of wishful thinking. Upperwing and underwing patterns, black crest, dorsal stripes...

Someone needs to get a freekin' photo so we can be done with this and move on with the real work.

Those double knocks are slower than I would have expected.

The pitch of those kents is all up and down the scale, more so than the Tanner and Arkansas recordings.


At 1:33 AM, Blogger Bonsaibirder said...

I agree Bill, the double-knocks sound funny - some are very slow and some are fast. In some the first knock is loudest and in others the second knock is loudest. The Kent calls also sound weird. Some sound like they might be trees squeaking, or Blue Jays or wildfowl or who knows what. None of the ones I have listened to sound like the published recording. And none of them sound like FihCrow's recording.

Still, I must listen to them all before saying much else.

There certainly are a lot!


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