Thursday, September 28, 2006

Underground Railroad

The van pulls up stealthily in the pre-dawn darkness. Light rain falls on the isolated rural homestead. Two figures emerge from the van. Faint whimperings come from its dark interior. A person steps out the front door of the old farmhouse.

"They're here," he calls back inside. He is joined by another shadowy shape. Quickly, they set about their business. "Let's get the momma first." Momma rushes through the gate at the side of the house, then balks at the door of the van. So many others in there already, all scared and disoriented. "Come on, it'll be fine," they reassure her. "This is the way to your new life."

While momma settles uncertainly inside the van, the two people from the house slip quickly to the stash where the young ones are waiting. Each emerges with two of their charges -- vulnerable, big-eyed, excited and frightened at the same time. They are each ushered swiftly into the van. Two more dashes to the hideout, and all ten of the young ones are on board. Goodbyes are said, doors are closed, and the van disappears off into the night, to make another pre-dawn rendevous, to take them all to freedom and a better life.

Momma dog and all ten puppies left at 4:00 this morning. The local Humane Society picked them up and took them to Linden, where they caught the "Rescue Waggin'." They're off to Milwaukee, where the much-better-funded Wisconsin Humane Society will take care of them and place them in good homes.



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