Tuesday, October 10, 2006


..in the absence of much actual discussion, the Ivorybill chatter online seems to have become almost entirely about rumors and opinions. Birdforum in particular has become Birdrumors. Pick your rumor: Cornell is goint to retract! New photos will be released in February! They're both there; whichever you prefer to believe, you can find heresay from an anonymous source to support you. And then we have the rumors about opinions: rumors and speculation about which "big-name birders" are thinking what and aligning themselves with whom. Entertaining, it may be. Meaningful, it ain't.


At 10:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amigo, the Carpinterio wonders if it might be a good strategic moment for CLO to further bury the fawn in Arkansas.

At this point the team that definiatively announced to the world that the IBWO persists, is now more or less mentoring the other searches, and pressing FWS to head up a multi state effort ... for a bird with no known territories or home ranges.

When the music ever stops ... someone is going to be left out in the swamps looking for IBWO's but it ain't going to be Fitzpatrick et al ... you heard it here from the Carpinterio Real.



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