Monday, May 28, 2007

Henslow's Sparrows down on The Farm

I went way over to the other side of the county (like, 15 miles or so...) this morning to The Farm to help out with some bird surveys. While there, we checked out the colony of Henslow's Sparrows that I discovered last year in their big unmowed hayfield. In spite of freezes and droughts, it looks like a banner year for the little green-headed critters. We found 13 singing males, plus a full-size juvenile, two fledgelings, and 3 others that got away before we could tell what age they were. I'm guessing those last three were juvies and/or adult females, since the males were all very conspicuously perched and singing in the sunlight. This is about double the size of the colony last year. Let's hear a "tsi-lick" from the congregation!


At 7:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice...when I worked in OK for a summer studying breeding grassland birds, having a Henslow's on your plot was the holy grail.

Well actually, finding a nest would have been. We had a few singing males, but never found the nest.



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