Sunday, January 13, 2008

We filthy environmentalists

An echo of what I was talking about a few weeks ago:

Survey shows eco-warriors are worst polluters

As I said before, our shit doesn't stink...

Someone will doubtless make the argument that, well, environmentalists are generally better educated, and therefore better off, thus accounting for the difference. But if in fact we are better educated and better off then doesn't that mean we should have the knowledge and resources to reduce our energy consumption in meaningful ways?

Of course, this short article doesn't mention the real, single most important "lifestyle choice" that most profoundly affects an individual's lifetime environmental footprint: How many children he or she has. That might have changed the conclusions substantially.


At 4:23 PM, Blogger cyberthrush said...

Another factor in that footprint that people don't like to think or talk about is simply that we're living way too long, and billions of dollars go into further medical research to extend lifespans yet more. The burden (financially and practically) upon young people of the future to support us old carbon-slurping codgers will be enormous and unparalleled in history.


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