Wednesday, February 06, 2008

One more tornado thought...

I always wonder, when seeing the aftermath of a windstorm such as Hurricane Hugo in 1989 in South Carolina, or last night's tornado just down the road here...

Again and again you see a trailer literally reduced to rubble and scattered over a huge area as though it exploded. Right next to it you see a "stick-built" house with some roof damage, a few broken window, a collapsed carport, damaged but fixable and having entirely protected its occupants. Going by the traditional Fujita system, 26% of tornados will entirely destroy a mobile home (and a majority will be able to roll it over), but only 1% of tornados can demolish a properly built wood frame house. So a tornado is 26 times more likely to level a trailer than a house, leaving any occupants (who, say, may have been sleeping and not heard any warnings) dead or severely injured! Twenty-freekin'-six times more dangerous! Which always brings up the inevitable question that no one ever seems to actually ask:

WHY ON EARTH are these things legal for human habitation???

And don't talk to me about affordability; they are money wasted on a piece of junk that depreciates and deteriorates faster than you can blink an eye.


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