Friday, April 11, 2008

Hey Louis

So you're angry that your impeccable, flawlessly-reasoned, eloquently-presented arguments are not met with universal agreement. Join the club; everyone involved in this discussion feels exactly the same way (about their own impeccable, flawlessly-reasoned, eloquently-presented arguments, that is; not yours). You're at wits end that significant decisions are still being made that are in complete disagreement with your own expert judgments. Join the club; everyone involved feels that way. Of course you believe that your own conclusions are unassailable. Everyone believes that about their own conclusions. So how about ditching the insulting language like "egotistical," "charlatans," and "shenanigans?" In case you hadn't noticed, many of those involved here (at least of the more prominent voices) have toned down their rhetoric in the last year or so, if indeed they ever did employ such language. And there's a good reason for that; it's called humility.

The great mass of people observing this discussion have read the various impeccable, flawlessly-reasoned, eloquently-presented arguments, and noted that many of them reach conclusions in absolute 100% opposition to each other. We may all each be certain that our own analyses and sketches and comparisons lead to the inevitable true conclusion, but the reviewers (i.e. the birding, ornithological, and and conservation communities as a whole) have reached a different conclusion. They have decided that most of our arguments (probably all of them) must in fact contain gaping logical holes, and they consider the matter to be FAR from settled. You (along with most of the other central figures) probably believe that this is because they have not actually researched enough, delved into the truth of the evidence far enough, and if they were to do so they would come to see the situation the same way you do. Or perhaps they are just basing their conclusions on pure irrational hope and wishful thinking. Either possibility insults their intelligence and integrity. They have in fact read too much, seen the utter irreconcilability of the various analyses, and decided to just let it continue to play out for a while longer. If it burns your backside to see your own results (which you are certain represent the real kernel of truth underneath all the slop) not getting the recognition and widespread acceptance you are certain they deserve, get in line. If you think that conservation priorities in the U.S. are marching to Hell in a Handbasket with poor decisions about this species at the forefront of the parade, there's a very long list of people who feel just the same as you. You can stand right next to Mr. Collins.


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