Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hoaxes, hoaxes...

So it seems our Georgia Boys have finally confessed that their frozen bigfoot carcass is a rubber suit stuffed with roadkill and slaughterhouse offal. No word yet on where they stuffed the $50K they got paid for their trouble. At least one of them will no longer be burdened with his job as a cop. Whatever you might think of the crypto-zoo folks in general, this particular story reeked from day one.

And on the topic of stories that reek...

The parallels between this bigfoot incident and our own beloved former-guppy-breeder-turned-Ivorybill-hoaxer (Mr. B.S. himself) are amusing. The short version:

Dramatic stories, blurry photos, better quality but seriously fake-looking photos, constant claims of being in possession of rock-solid evidence that somehow is never produced (the book is still "COMING SOON!!!"), etc.

There are some big differences though. The bigfoot hoax played out much faster than Mr. B.S.'s eternally drawn-out saga. If he ever attracted the attention of the international media, I expect Guppyman's story would blow up just as fast too. The second is not so simple. Our Georgia Boys seem to have just been stupid and concocted a harebrained practical joke / moneymaking scheme that is worthy of a bad TV sitcom. Our beloved Floridian Faker, though, I fear is motivated by more complex and darker forces at work in his psyche.


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