Sunday, March 15, 2009


An interesting bit of information:

Of all the dozens of posts to this blog in the archives over the years, there is one entry that steadily draws new hits in spite of being nearly three years old. It's not a lot, only a couple a day; but still it is the most regularly read piece I have posted here. No, it's not any part of my Luneau video analysis, in spite of that being linked to prominently in my sidebar. It isn't in fact any of my woodpecker posts; nothing about sightings or blurry photos or numbers games or any of my diatribes against our favorite Minnesotan. Those all had their day, drew their streams of comments, then they passed into the dusty unread backwaters. No, the one essay that still draws visitors on a regular basis is "The Pastured Poultry Scam". This bit is about chickens, responsibility, sustainability, honesty, and marketing; it addresses how we, our own species, live in the world. There's not a woodpecker in it.

Occasionally good to remember that the topics that consume the minds of we birders are rather far off on the fringe of mainstream society, even within the blogosphere.


At 4:34 AM, Blogger cyberthrush said...

Always worth remembering...
(My most 'hit-on' post over the yrs. was an old one entitled "10 Things I Learned Outside Kindergarten" -- just so happens it does relate to the IBWO debate, but I know most people clicking on don't have that in mind.)


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