Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good for a chuckle

Another rare bird in another undisclosed location; nothing at all ivory about this one, however.

On the Savannah, Tennessee, Christmas Bird Count yesterday I happened across a totally unexpected male Vermilion Flycatcher (yes, at a remote cypress-lined pond). The notes I scribbled on the back of a tally sheet as soon as I got back to my truck are pretty amusing (click for full-size but not much more legible version):

In documenting rare birds, immediacy supersedes polish and flair!

Anyone in Tennessee who comes across this and wonders why they haven't seen this bird on the RBA and mailing lists, well... it is on private land used by duck hunters, not visible from any public road. In the interest of preserving landowner relations and rights and avoiding the installation of "NO TRESPASSING" signs at the site, the location isn't being revealed.


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