Sunday, February 15, 2009

Unfortunate timing

Right now in the middle of the Great Backyard Bird Count, it seems eBird has gone on the fritz. The message says they will be down much of today and tomorrow. Alas, this seems to mean that hundreds of people who will click the eBird link off the GBBC page to see what it is about will just get an error message. I can't imagine this outage was planned; it must just be bad luck. Still it cuts out one of eBird's big potential recruiting times, and WE NEED MORE OBSERVERS! It is also the final day of the Rusty Blackbird Blitz, though I suspect those observers are more established will be likely to check back later and try again.


At 8:10 PM, Blogger John B. said...

Yeah, I can't imagine that timing was planned. Maybe an influx of new visitors revealed a problem that couldn't wait for a fix? In any case, I hope it's back up in time to bring in some more new GBBC participants.


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