Friday, September 19, 2008


Sorry, nothing here about birds...

The $1 Trillion+ "bailout" package currently being gift wrapped for delivery to the CEOs of our financial institutions is absolutely criminal. Why on earth should each one of us (infants included) have to pay over $3000 out of our pockets to absolve reckless irresponsible unethical immoral and law-breaking fat cats of responsibility and the joy of suffering the consequences of their actions? Oh sure, they're saving the economy. Oh bull****. They are wrecking the economy even more thoroughly than a "financial sector collapse" would have. They are just moving the pain of the collapse to the bottom of the economic ladder rather than at the top; separating it as far as possible from the amoral scum who have brought it about. And now during hard times, the government will be fiscally handcuffed, with no resources left to do anything. Either government services will be slashed or taxes will be jacked up, probably both, with the resulting damage being inflicted most heavily on the "common people" that all these f***ing sleezebags claim to represent. How about letting those who have created this mess go bust, and use this money to help the bystanders and victims of their actions, rather than giving it to the f***ing criminals themselves???

OK Senator Obama, this is your moment. If you don't take a stand against this SOON, you're toast as far as I am concerned. You'll have revealed your true colors as just another pawn pandering to the interests of big business and big money. Not that I'd ever vote for that other twit and his frighteningly unqualified sidekick; but the lesser of two evils is still evil (as is this enormous Wealth Redistribution program) and I won't vote for evil. besides it'll be fun watching the republicans stuck wallowing neck-deep in the economic cesspool they have created for us all.

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