Sunday, November 02, 2008

Woodpeckers, woodpeckers...

If any of y'all are still checking in here occasionally in hopes of finding woodpecker talk, some explanation of the ongoing lull...

There are some interesting results from the last year or so (from psychologically stable sources, not the whackos), but most of this information is still being processed and examined in-house. Eventually it will be released for public discussion; when that happens I'll have some things to contribute.

In the meantime... there are nearly 1000 other species of birds out there in the US and Canada to keep us entertained!

Our Favorite Minnesota Blogger... at it again. Just in case y'all missed it, Ol' Tommy Nelson, debunker of global warming and Ivory-billed Woodpeckers, has turned his attention to debunking Barack Obama:

So, at this point, can there really be much doubt left that his true motive in his Ivorybill "analyses" was actually the discrediting of wildlife and habitat conservation at the private, government, and scientific levels, and NOT the quest for rigorous scientific understanding? And could the parallels in his flawed lines of "reasoning" and "evidence" in all three of his blogging efforts be any more obvious? The man is obviously a right-wing political activist,not any kind of honest journalist or scientist.

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